Project Description

Your treatment unit is still in great working order – but the water supply unit could do with being modernized? That couldn’t be easier! With the state-of-the-art U 742, we offer the perfect and easy-to-install replacement.

This high-quality water supply unit can be used as a comfortable modernization instrument for wet or dry suction systems that are already installed. As we offer a range of attachment supports, many popular chairs, even older ones, from Ultradent and other manufacturers can be upgraded. If required, the assistant’s unit can be moved to stand parallel to the treatment chair (Ultradent chairs only) thanks to the optional, extensible slide rail. This gives your assistant more room to maneuver and makes it easier for patients to rinse out their mouths. The four holders in these units are fitted with equipment based on your individual requirements. Our U 742 is also available as a mobile operating unit (see image).

Extensive equipment options are available for the U 742, for example 3rd suction hose, pivotable spittoon bowl, light polymerization unit and much more.