Project Description

In your operating theater, flexibility and hygiene are top priorities. The dental equipment must therefore be mobile so that it can be professionally positioned and cleaned.

As an autonomous and fully equipped cart it allows new dimensions in flexibility. Thanks to its compact design – among other things with a pressurized water bottle and unit-mounted supply component – it is easy to connect to existing connection boxes or quick couplings for air and electricity; the fact that it can be started by wireless foot control and without a cable is also an advantage.

  • Version 1 of the cart is provided with a permanent connection. It can be easily connected to existing connection boxes, including older ones or those from third parties, via the unit-mounted supply component. All MPG requirements relating to partial modernization are met. A special version for operating theaters is available.
  • With version 2, you can connect the cart via a connection box and quick connects. This enables you to use your cart in different treatment rooms; for example in surgery rooms that are not in permanent use.