Project Description

There is a psychological element involved in a gentle dental treatment. Offer a calming view by using the treatment unit discreetly. This not only allays children’s fears, but also makes your prophylaxis and orthodontic patients more relaxed. Our rear-of-head treatment system U 1300 HK is ideally suited to installation outside the direct field of vision. It fits into a cabinet in the rear-of-head region and can be effortlessly moved to the patient. It saves space and integrates perfectly into your practice concept.

With the rear-of-head configuration, you also have the option of working with a free-standing treatment chair. Our treatment unit can be easily accommodated in a cabinet recess under the counter top. When it is needed, you pull it to the treatment chair via the sturdy 30 cm extension. If you do not need it, it disappears almost completely under the counter top. However, our U 1300 HK is of course also suited to a side configuration.

For compact use, we have combined the instrument section and suction device in a single unit. This also permits four-handed treatment, because your assistant can also easily access the unit. Available as a standard version, with five holders and a 40 cm recess width, or a more extensive version for a recess width of 50 cm and five plus two holders, e.g. for an air polishing unit and polymerization lamp.