Whether you are dentist, orthodontist or prophylaxis assistant, treating patients, sometimes over several hours, involves a high degree of physical effort and mental concentration. We at ULTRADENT are well aware of this day-to-day challenge. We have therefore developed products with maximum ergonomics, effortless functionality and excellent practicality.

In addition to the advantages you as a practitioner have, your patients benefit from the comfort and safety of the products. The high-quality ULTRADENT compact workstations bring together all the required functions and devices in the smallest space and in an ideal configuration. Our fascinating solutions are presented on the following pages.


Do you want to bring the future to today’s practice? In top quality? If so, you’ve come to the right place!
We present the new premium standard. The ULTRADENT premium units are characterized by first-class materials, production, technology and design, and have the potential to provide your practice with fascinating exclusivity and exquisite style.
We optionally equip all premium units with our revolutionary, innovative and touchscreen-based multimedia system vision U. This absolutely unique, multitouch-enabled system sets completely new standards for treatment, practice management and quality assurance.


U 6000 S (with chair-mounted dental unit)

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Exclusive design and high-class materials combined with the future-oriented multimedia system vision U make the U 6000 a premium unit. ...

U 6000 F (with mobile dental unit)

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Our premium unit U 6000 is also available as a version with a mobile dental unit.

New color 7" touch display and intraoral camera also included....

U 1600

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All instruments and the tray rack are tailored to each other and are within easy reach. With vision U, you display the intraoral images on the multitouch screen in real time. ...


The ULTRADENT philosophy focuses on the desire to offer you the treatment unit that is absolutely perfect for your day-to-day work. Our models in the compact category are a credit to their category. “Compact” because they offer all you need for a perfect treatment with maximum ergonomics; “class” because they are extremely easy to use and also give you excellent value for money.

On request, we equip all units in the compact class with our revolutionary, innovative and touchscreen-based multimedia system vision U.


U 3000

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The U 3000 meets premium standards in terms of design, function, material and equipment. And it is so pragmatic that you will value its real “hands-on” approach. ...

U 1302

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Do you want to invest at a sensible level and benefit from this acquisition over the long term? If that is your plan, we would like to present the future-proof and undisputed ...

U 1301 L/R

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Have you been searching for a practical and comfortable left-handed treatment unit? Here it is: The U 1301 L/R perfectly meets your requirements as a left-hander...

U 1280

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Work on your toes but without taking your eyes off the patient: Thanks to the U 1280 with whip-arm hose unit, you reach new levels of dynamism and treatment comfort...


Everything under control – and so easy, thanks to innovative, pioneering dental technology. The name says it all. The treatment units currently available in this line are particularly suitable for orthopedic practices.
Both models offer you an unparalleled functional scope and ease of use; they are so impressive that even after a few treatment hours, everything will be easy.


easy KFO 1

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Do you want a really modern compact unit that provides maximum efficiency during orthopedic treatments? The potential of our easy KFO will immediately win you over. ...

easy KFO 2

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The easy KFO has won you over – but your ideal treatment unit should have instruments within easy reach on the tray table? The easy KFO 2 perfectly meets ...

easy KFO 3

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The new, versatile KFO unit. This KFO model in the easy class is the first choice for a cost-effective introduction to the orthopedic treatment units from ULTRADENT. ...

easy Prophylaxe

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The name of the “specialist” for your prophylaxis practice, easy PROPHY, says it all. From the whole right down to the smallest detail, it delivers on its promises and heralds a new era in prophylaxis. ...


When really young patients visit your practice, modern treatment concepts are the order of the day. ULTRADENT makes it easy for you
to win children round. Our special Fridolin treatment chair for children helps allay their fears of the dentist. Comfort and equipment with special details will impress you and your patients.



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Fridolin is the ULTRADENT treatment unit tailored to the treatment of children. Two experienced pediatric dentists were the godmothers to this special product design. ...