When Hans Ostner founded ULTRADENT in Munich in 1924, he pursued values that we still are still bound by today: combining tradition and experience with dynamic inventive genius to continually raise technological achievements to new heights. We are still committed to this fundamental principle. But it doesn’t stop there. Continuity, stability and a high focus on value are factors that we pay particular attention to at all levels of the company.

That is why ULTRADENT still develops and manufactures its products in Munich. And our wholehearted convictions are also the reason we have chosen to remain a midsize family company dedicated to the advantages of company-controlled manufacture. With Ludwig Ostner, the founder’s nephew, and his son Ludwig Johann Ostner, ULTRADENT is today headed by business managers from two generations, who unite the best of what craftsmanship has to offer with cutting-edge technology.


Technical ideas. Numerous patents and utility models. Plus the important topic of ongoing functional optimization:
When it comes to innovation, ULTRADENT has always been a decisive step ahead, and with independent, pioneering product developments has written one success story after the other.

Today, the brand stands for comfortable treatment units that are used by dentists, orthodontists, maxillary surgeons and providers of prophylactic care.

ULTRADENT’s success story began decades ago in 1924 with the production of electro-medical apparatus. Do you want to know what happened next? If so, join us on a little journey back in time:

  • 1930 – 1957

    1930 – 1957

    In 1930, the company succeeded in breaking into the dental market with its “Dentostat” universal device. In 1957, as a pioneer uniting electronics and dental treatment, we marketed the U 300, which featured electronically controlled speed stabilization.

  • 1966 – 1972

    1966 – 1972

    The U 500 treatment unit, presented as a product innovation in 1966, developed over six years to become the most successful post-war model. By 1972, ULTRADENT had integrated UV polymerization units, turbine and cold-light conductors, tartar removers and electric surgical devices as height-adjustable floor-mounted units or trolleys.

  • 1980 – 1986

    1980 – 1986

    In 1980, the U 3000 was launched, the most successful ULTRADENT product to date. For the first time, the focus was also on product design. In 1986, ULTRADENT was once again a pioneer, replacing hydraulic treatment chairs with electrically driven models.

  • 1990s


    1997: With the GL 2020, ULTRADENT presented its first own motorized chair from systematic development. Since 1998, multimedia technology has also been integrated in new products.

  • 2000s


    2008: For the first time, ULTRADENT fitted treatment chairs with the Full Touch Screen technology.

  • 2013


    At the IDS 2013, ULTRDAENT presented a completely new and comprehensive multimedia system concept for the dental practice in the form of vision U.

  • 2018


    ULTRADENT shows the new e-matic.