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1930 – 1957

In 1930, the company succeeded in breaking into the dental market with its “Dentostat” universal device.

In 1957, as a pioneer uniting electronics and dental treatment, we marketed the U 300, which featured electronically controlled speed stabilization.

1966 – 1972

The U 500 treatment unit, presented as a product innovation in 1966, developed over six years to become the most successful post-war model.

By 1972, ULTRADENT had integrated UV polymerization units, turbine and cold-light conductors, tartar removers and electric surgical devices as height-adjustable floor-mounted units or trolleys.

1980 – 1986

In 1980, the U 3000 was launched, the most successful ULTRADENT product to date. For the first time, the focus was also on product design.
In 1986, ULTRADENT was once again a pioneer, replacing hydraulic treatment chairs with electrically driven models.


1997: With the GL 2020, ULTRADENT presented its first own motorized chair from systematic development.
Since 1998, multimedia technology has also been integrated in new products.


2008: For the first time, ULTRADENT fitted treatment chairs with the Full Touch Screen technology.


At the IDS 2013, ULTRDAENT presented a completely new and comprehensive multimedia system concept for the dental practice in the form of vision U.


ULTRADENT shows the new e-matic.